Richard Bartel, Esq.


Curriculum Vitae

Admitted to the New York State Bar and Federal Eastern District. Graduated Cum Laude from The Touro Law Center. Twenty five years experience in sales and business relationships, marine contracting, real estate development and construction. Concentrating in the real estate, civil litigation, family law, trust and estate planning and criminal defense practice areas.

Legal Services

Richard Bartel offers a full complement of legal services. The practice has maintained a tradition of personalizing services to fit the needs of all clients, whether a business or an individual. To this end, Richard Bartel is involved in every matter undertaken by his office. This hands on approach is a

cornerstone of his clients' success.

Richard Bartel is committed to accommodating the multifaceted needs of his clients, who generally have preferred to retain one firm for all their business and personal needs.

He is admitted in New York and the Eastern Federal District.

Personalized Integrated Approach

Consequently, a client who comes with a general corporate question will also find answers as to its effect on his real estate holdings and what the ramifications might be to his estate. Moreover, he will have hands-on guidance through each phase of the matter. Importantly, although a client's legal needs may extend to several different areas of the law, he can rest assured that all aspects and ramifications of any action are considered.